Monday, January 17, 2011

September Pictures (yes, September!!!)

I just realized that our last post had August photos from our move to Petersburg. Now we've been here over 4 months. My goal is to catch up to 2011 and then we plan to do every other week shorter posts, rather than the "marathon-posting" that we do every few months. We'll see how this goes.

Calder and Jen picking blueberries. Calder was VERY into it:A great day of sailing, our last of the season before putting our boat on the hard for winter:
We took our good friends (Erik, Alice, and baby Zia) who had never been sailing. A great quote of the day was Erik, "Is the boat supposed to be tipped so far over?":

Heading back to Petersburg:
Petersburg from the water:
An unusually sunny September led to starting a lawn project, digging up a flower bed to plant next year:
Getting some cooking done during a phase when Calder only wanted to be held:
Calder has mastered the stairs:
Sunny picnic day excursion to Woodpecker Cove with the Hulebak family:

The view from our back porch. The herons often perch atop the trees:
The muskeg that is our backyard:
Biking to work:

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos. We have some similar pictures cooking when Owen was a baby. I wonder how many fussy babies can enjoy cooking as their soothing activity.
Margaret Kepler