Thursday, March 18, 2010

January and February in Alaska

January and February have been marked by many new foods (avocado is still Calder's favorite), sitting up by himself, and ski trips to the cabin in Willow, Alaska. We've also gotten out in the local ski trails by our house. I finished my 2 month inpatient chief service (the toughest two months of residency) and am now on ER medicine, which I'm greatly enjoying. Chris is winding down his work days at REI. We're busy trying to get our home sold, buy a home in Petersburg, and getting ready for the move to Southeast Alaska in August (the start day of my new job is September 1). Here are some pics from the last two months: He loves his sweet potatoes:
Skiing in Willow, Alaska:

He loves sucking on the beer bottles (after the beer is cleaned off of course!). Here he is enjoying an IPA:

Reading a hunting magazine with Grandpa Hyer at the Willow cabin:
Another beer bottle! Oh boy!
Enjoying a winter's night fire at home:
In a cute Calder shirt made my one of my patients for him:
This is Calder's baby basket. Before tucking it away for the next one, we thought we'd see if he still fit...not quite!
He loves his stuffed bedtime bunny:
Enjoying a date with his friend Zia over a bowl of avocado (Zia's first food):
Jen pulling Calder in our "Chariot." Grandpa Hyer in the background. This is in Willow, Alaska.
That's all for now...March and April pics to follow soon!