Saturday, January 23, 2010

December in Anchorage: Calder's First Christmas

Happy Holidays! We arrived back from Petersburg just in time for Christmas, meaning that we were dreadfully behind in our shopping/sending of gifts. In fact, we just finally mailed out the last of our Christmas gifts this weekend?!?! I had a few days off around the holidays and we enjoyed having family time. Calder did well on Christmas, though finally had to take a good long nap after all that stimulation - gifts, crinkly paper, lots of camera flashes, oh my! Calder in a cute sweater knit by Grandma Hyer:
The first gift he "opened":
Travis, Great Grandma Hyer, Chris with Calder, Jen, Grandma & Grandpa Hyer:
I think that mom and dad are more excited about the gifts than Calder:
Snuggle time with Great Grandma Hyer:

Calder's first Norwegian sweater...a special gift from the Bergren family in Petersburg:
A special moose quilt made by Grandma Hyer:
Calder is starting to be interested in books (but his attention span is only about 3 minutes!):
Zia Hulebak and Calder playing together (Calder just wanted to eat her hand):
In the car seat:

Uncle Trav with his buddy:
Jen and her little man. The cute seal skin/beaver mukluks are from Bethel:
Calder's first skiing trip (with Chris, Jen, Grandpa Hyer, and Uncle Trav) from our driveway into Bicentennial Park and home again:

November: Petersburg and Baby's First Thanksgiving

November was a month of huge decisions for the Hyer family...we went to Petersburg in Southeast Alaska for one of my rural rotations...and accepted a job! In August 2010, we will be packing up our home in Anchorage and moving to an island. Petersburg is a Norwegian fishing village of about 3,000 people (4,000 in the summer with the cannery) on Mitkof Island in the middle of the Tongass rainforest. They get twice as much rain as Seattle! But they also get snow and the setting is amazing...lots of islands and waterways to explore by sailboat and kayak, hikes in the rainforest, and hunting and fishing opportunities year-round.

My new job is exactly what I was looking for. As a small town family doctor, I will be doing a combination of clinic work, ER coverage, hospital work, and the long-term care facility. I will joining on as their 4th family doctor. The other physicians there are great mentors for coming out of residency and the staff is supportive and friendly. We felt VERY welcomed into this community and look forward to starting life in our new home.

Here are some pictures from our month in Petersburg, including Calder's first Thanksgiving. Chris and Calder out for a walk on our first snowy weekend in Petersburg:

One of three harbors in Petersburg off Wrangell Narrows:
Hammer Slough:
Keeping dry in the rainforest:
Calder is not too sure about that bird:

Grandpa Hyer and Calder doing airplane time:

Jen going for a walk in the woods:
The Sons of Norway Hall:
Sunset over the Narrows, South of town:
That's our grumpy guy! He's also wearing a cute sweater from Wisconsin Grandma:

Hammer Slough:
Happy Calder with Dad:
Calder's first Thanksgiving card (from Great-Grandma Hyer):
The Stikine River Delta:
The Tree Lighting Parade and ceremony on Main Street in Petersburg. This was a KEY moment for us in deciding to move there. We went "downtown" to watch the parade and found ourselves IN the parade with many other young families and their children. Calder soaked it all in. I looked down at Calder, the candlelight reflected in his eyes, and said to myself, "Yes, this is where I want to raise my little boy."
Fun times with Grandma Hyer:

To follow very soon...December pictures....we'll get caught up yet!