Wednesday, June 16, 2010

March 2010: Vera Lake and the Iditarod

We are a bit behind in our posts! Our goal is to catch up this week, but we'll see what happens. Here are some March highlights. Most of our weekends were spent in Willow, Alaska at the cabin. Here we are out on the lake, watching the Iditarod dogsled teams pass by: Calder loves his spoon:
Calder and Jen in front of their Anchorage home with over 5 feet of snow:
Zia Hulebak loving on Calder - can I keep him?
Calder in the cargo sled at the Vera Lake cabin:

Chris successfully chopped a hole through the ice, procuring us our water supply:
Part of the water being used for Calder's sink bath (warmed of course on the wood stove):
Out for a day ski:
Spring is near when you can enjoy a beer on the front porch:
Zia and Calder on a date at our house:
Dad showing Calder how to open his mouth wide for his food:
Uncle Trav, Calder, and Grandpa Hyer enjoying a sunny snowy afternoon at the cabin:
More sink bath time:

April pics to follow....

Saturday, June 5, 2010

April 2010: Calder's Baptism & Trip to Wisconsin

April was a month with two main events. First, Calder was baptised at St.Mary's Episcopal Church in Anchorage (along with Chris). We had many family members and friends join us for the event, including John Peters (Calder's godfather from Washington) with his girlfriend Mandi, Kelly Wilda (Calder's godmother and Jen's cousin from Wisconsin), and Uncle Trav too. Second, we took Calder on his first trip to Wisconsin to spend time with Grandpa and Grandma; the weather was great and we had a fantastic visit.

This picture is in Anchorage up at Flat Top Mountain on a sunny April day:

A ski trip around Eklutna Lake with Chris (and Calder in the chariot below), Jen, and Kelly. Kelly did a GREAT job and hadn't skied in a very long time prior to this:
Chris, Calder, and Kelly:
We all took a trip to Matanuska Glacier. This was a BLAST! We had a guided tour by Bill, who owns the property leading up to the glacier. He took us by snowmobile and sled out to the ice directly in front of the glacier, where we slid around and played. Trav learned that he needed to hang on a little tighter to stay on the sled. We could hear the bubbles in the ice below our feet and the creaking of the moving glacier around us. What an experience! Here is Jen & Kelly in front of the glacier:
Jen and Chris in a glacier crevasse, not a normal tourist destination, a bit eerie:

The whole gang on the ice of Matanuska Glacier (Chris, Jen, Kelly, Travis, Mandi, John):
Chris and Jen in an ice cave, a bit spooky:
Calder's first restaurant experience in Anchorage. Kelly treated us to a meal at the Muse Restaurant in downtown Anchorage:
Baptism day: Calder is wearing his great grandfather's baptism gown (it's a gown - not a dress!):
John (godfather), Chris, Calder, Jen, and Kelly (godmother) outside the church:
Before the baptism, in his dad's polyester suit, being held by Kelly:
John and Mandi corrupting Calder:
Calder in his dad's polyester leisure suit the morning of the baptism:
Jen feeding Calder, the spread of Easter lunch/dinner on the table:
Calder in his car seat:
On his flight from Anchorage to Wisconsin:
Playtime in Manitowoc with Wisconsin Grandpa and Grandma:
Time for a walk down to Lake Michigan - Grandma, Calder, Chris, and Grandpa:
Playtime with Grandpa. Note the little wooden yellow car on the floor - Grandpa is busy making Calder all sorts of neat toys!
Calder in a beautiful sweater that Wisconsin Grandma knit him:
Sitting out in the sunny Manitowoc backyard:
Playtime with Dad:
Feeding time with Grandma:
Playtime with Uncle Dave & Aunt Barb Wilda:
Chris, Jen with Calder, Ty, and Laura:
Wisconsin Grandpa teaching Calder how to cook Johnsonville brats:
April was a busy month! It was wonderful to spend quality time with so many friends and family!