Sunday, November 1, 2009

October adventures

Here are some photos from the month of October....he's already 3 months old! He's starting to smile more and even laugh. Tonight was his first bath in the "big boy tub" with dad. We arrived in Petersburg last night, where we will be for the next 4 weeks. He also had his first plane ride yesterday - one that his mom and dad will remember!

Who's that handsome man in the mirror? I hate to read mom!!!! Don't make me read!!!
Bathtime with dad:
A glorious sunny October day in Seward, Alaska; where we took Calder for a weekend down to the sailboat:
Smiles initially from dad and Calder on SV High Endeavours...however, later that evening he was not doing so good in his new environment. We hope he learns to like sailing eventually!

In his cute hat made by Wisconsin Grandma:

Looking out over the Kenai River with dad:
Who is this cute girl next to me? (Calder and Zia):

Smiles for Grandpa Hyer:

Fun with babies (Chris, Calder, Zia, and Erik):
A sunny fall weekend at the cabin in Willow:
Happy to be hanging out on dad's truck:

More bathtime:

Calder's first Halloween. Pirate Calder....argh! Where's me booby?
Pirates Chris, Calder, & Jen. It appears that Calder got into the grog:

That's all for now. More postings from Petersburg soon!!