Monday, August 31, 2009

Calder, weeks 2-3

Here are some pics from the last two weeks. Thanks again to everyone who has sent us warm wishes, adorable cards, generous gifts and to those who have brought by meals. We appreciate your love and support as we learn daily from our little man, Calder.

Calder post-bathtime: Our grumpy little man:

We took Calder down to the Kenai River for a fishing trip.
Chris and his fishing buddy Dan, fishing with Calder:

Bath time!

Three generations of Hyer men, fishin' the Kenai River:

After a long day of fishing...
Out for an evening walk in the woods:

Two great catches - a 12 pound silver salmon and an 8 pound Calder. Chris had the goal to catch a fish bigger than his son. He hoped that it would be done this year, as Calder is only getting bigger each day:

Calder and his fish:

That's all for now. We are leaving for a 2 week trip up north to Fairbanks on a roadtrip in the comfortable trailer that we have borrowed from Gpa and Gma Hyer. Pics to follow....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Newest Crew Member: Calder Kilroy Hyer

The Newest Addition to the Hyer Fleet: CALDER KILROY HYER
Name Origin:
Calder: (Old English/Scottish) for stream, fast-flowing waters, from the wild waters
Kilroy: named after the location of our special family cabin on Kilory Bay, Lake PendOreille Idaho

LAUNCH TIME: August 7, 2009 at 7:15pm



Our family doctor, Dr. Julie Wilson: The happy grandparents (first grandbaby on both sides of the family):
A very exhausted (but smiling Jen) after her water broke at 2am, contractions kicked in immediately, and 2 hours of pushing (to bluegrass music in the background of course!):

Our "grumpy man" (looks like Chris at work):

In his sleeping basket (the 4th Hyer boy to sleep in this bed):

4 Generations of Hyers:

First outing to the Alaska wilderness: a whopping 1/2 mile walk at FlatTop at 3 days old.

Thanks everyone for the warm wishes, prayers, and love! We are sleep-deprived, constantly learning, and happy. Much love....Chris, Jen, & Calder