Monday, February 2, 2009

Big News

Hello all. It's been a while since we blogged. Our big news is that Jen has a stow-a-way on board! Not sure if it's a boy or a girl, but we'll find out soon. Our due date is August 10, 2009. We are beyond excited, just entering the 2nd trimester, and have two sets of soon to be first time Grandparents who we expect to fully spoil the little one.

Chris has been busy working on our home (a bit of nesting going on). His big projects included re-doing the fireplace (in slate) and tearing out old floors and carpet to put in a bamboo wood floor.
A before shot of the old fireplace (had fake rock on each side) before demo started:
Here is Chris in the after shot - new fireplace, new flooring:Our weather has been all about EXTREMES. First, the temps dropped to minus 30 in Anchorage (that's without windchill). Clear sunny days were seemingly endless and the trees were coated with frost, making it look magical - but too cold to go and play in! Then we had crazy windstorms, with winds up to 100 mph though our backyard. Luckily we didn't lose any trees this time. Then it decided to warm up - to 50 degrees above zero. This was a sudden 80 degrees temp change! The snow ALL melted and the roads were ice-skating rinks. Schools were closed for almost an entire week due to conditions (of course our clinic was open and my patients managed to show up!). Now we are happy with our more normal and comfortable 10 to 25 degree weather and fresh snow.
Here are some pics from a recent trip to the cabin (Willow, Alaska). We drove as far as we could, but the snow quickly blocked our route, so we strapped on our snowshoes and hauled our gear behind us in sleds. Ma and Pa Hyer met us there the next day.

Pa and Ma Hyer showing off their snow-shoeing skills:

This next picture is for Erin (in Portland) who sent us a book that reminded her of Chris..."Outhouses of Alaska." Thanks Erin!
That's all for now. We are leaving for Hawaii in one week - looking forward to the sun! The only thing that could foil our plans is Mount Redoubt, a volcano up here that is thinking about erupting. The last time it did, all Alaskan planes were grounded for 5 days. However, we would be okay with the eruption delaying our departure FROM Hawaii :)