Saturday, January 23, 2010

December in Anchorage: Calder's First Christmas

Happy Holidays! We arrived back from Petersburg just in time for Christmas, meaning that we were dreadfully behind in our shopping/sending of gifts. In fact, we just finally mailed out the last of our Christmas gifts this weekend?!?! I had a few days off around the holidays and we enjoyed having family time. Calder did well on Christmas, though finally had to take a good long nap after all that stimulation - gifts, crinkly paper, lots of camera flashes, oh my! Calder in a cute sweater knit by Grandma Hyer:
The first gift he "opened":
Travis, Great Grandma Hyer, Chris with Calder, Jen, Grandma & Grandpa Hyer:
I think that mom and dad are more excited about the gifts than Calder:
Snuggle time with Great Grandma Hyer:

Calder's first Norwegian sweater...a special gift from the Bergren family in Petersburg:
A special moose quilt made by Grandma Hyer:
Calder is starting to be interested in books (but his attention span is only about 3 minutes!):
Zia Hulebak and Calder playing together (Calder just wanted to eat her hand):
In the car seat:

Uncle Trav with his buddy:
Jen and her little man. The cute seal skin/beaver mukluks are from Bethel:
Calder's first skiing trip (with Chris, Jen, Grandpa Hyer, and Uncle Trav) from our driveway into Bicentennial Park and home again:

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Sara Warnock said...

Hi Chris & Jen,
Calder is so darn cute! I just realized one of my good friends from high school lives in Petersburg. She and her husband own Northern Lights Smokery and invite you in for a visit anytime. In fact, when I told her you were moving there, she thinks she already ran into you, Jen. Did you take a tour of the school? Anyway, maybe you'll run into one another sometime. Hope all is going well with your little family!