Tuesday, January 18, 2011

October 2010: travels and Halloween

October started off in Petersburg with "The Humpy 500," a soap box car race down main street. The kids were pretty creative with their cars:
Chris and Calder went to Washington and Idaho for 10 days (I stayed home in Petersburg and worked). First stop: Tri-Cities Washington to visit Aunt Betty. Here is a pic of Travis and Calder enjoying the sun:
Next stop: Kilroy Bay in Idaho. Calder enjoying the warmth of the fireplace:
Calder and Chris napping by the fire:
Calder, his Grandma, and his Great-Grandma out for a walk:
Another nap by the fire, this time with Grandma:
Enjoying a book together (Erin, Calder, Travis, and Terry):
Back in Petersburg for Halloween. Chris and I carved pumpkins this year:
Chris and I with our little monkey (we are trees):

High Endeavours being pulled out of the water for the winter. This was quite the production:

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